I can personally attest to this with my own broad career path.

Broke into institutional finance (from nothing) in my late 20s by moving from US to Tokyo (with nothing) because BOJ (for which my knowledge of was relatively nothing) just launched a historically massive easing bazooka to a no-turning-back level of continued commitment for endless accommodation (mind you, not due to recession during biz as usual for 🇯🇵 times) - meaning, all of the broadly forgotten Japan finance industry was now in sudden need of ramping up English speaking staff to service the massive re-awakened waves of foreign international capital and interest flooding in (and then out as well). So, my extremely high conviction personal view was at an extreme such that it called for me to move across the planet to at least attempt to participate somehow.

Then after a few years in said institutional finance covering foreign clients of Japan markets, I made my second major career-based “macro regime change recognition” (i.e. long term structural evolution of the investor base), which was (& still is) - short the institutional / long the individual. And shifted my career path / life accordingly. And btw, this “long/short” view/career trade of mine was just prior to that FRED chart blue line tanking, and years before GME call options mania (not that that’s all/only what I meant by “long individuals”)

However anecdotal my sharing of all this is (and obviously, individual career path stories are all anecdotal by nature)- readers: do not brush aside this critical message conveyed in this article - and thanks for writing and (re)surfacing it.

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This reminds me of something I did 11 years ago. I 4x My income in 2.7 years after changing jobs five times and moving three times

Put in the work. Don't be afraid to Do things others won't do. don't be afraid to go against The societal norm on how your career path should look or what a college advisor thinks the right answer is

That's just my two cents

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When you start from bad assumptions it is no surprise you get bad results. :P

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