Capital Flows is the space where I share all my Top-Down/Bottom-up macroeconomic research and show how I am tangibly implementing it in financial markets. If you are new, check out all the educational articles I have written. There are primers on macroeconomics, equities, bonds, FX, and a lot more:

What Is Capital Flows About?

My skill set is unique in that I consume vast amounts of information across many domains AND am an active practitioner in trading markets.

I share macroeconomic/financial market analysis and specific trade ideas. My ultimate goal is to find information that contains an asymmetrical edge so that I can leverage it in financial markets. I provide an honest and tangible view of this entire process. This Substack is meant to provide a comprehensive view into the learning, research, strategy development, and trading process in financial markets (and life).

Disclaimers and Risks

  1. NONE of the publications are financial advice! NONE of the trade ideas are financial advice! You are responsible for any gains and losses!

  2. My analysis can be incorrect. There are many areas of the economy and market I am still trying to understand properly. It is possible that I will say things that are incorrect. If this occurs and I realize that I was wrong, I will update you and make corrections. Any feedback or thoughts are always welcome.

  3. Hit ratio and risk management: In trading, the best money managers in the world have a hit ratio (number of trades they get right / number of trades they get wrong) of 50-60%. This means half of the ideas or trades that are implemented will either lose money or get taken off. Risk management and position sizing bets are the only way to consistently make money over time. This is true regardless if you are a long-term investor or short-term trader.

The Paid Version of the Substack includes the following:

Structure of Articles:

  • “The Research HUB”: These reports are on books, academic papers, or strategy development. The focus is on education and developing a knowledge base across all countries and markets in the world. I will be sharing in-depth research and models here.

  • “Macro Report/Insights”: I write monthly macro reports that comprehensively break down all economic data points and connect them to each asset class. This is meant to inform views/trades on a cyclical and structural basis.

    • Monthly Webinar: There will be a monthly webinar (on Zoom) where I expand further on the macro report and share analysis. This is a time when you can directly ask questions.

  • “Asset Class Reports”: I write weekly reports on stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. These reports connect the top-down macro views to the bottom-up idiosyncracies of s specific asset. In addition, they will cover attribution analysis, positioning, and how flows of capital for each asset.

  • Quantitive Signals: This report provides a breakdown of the quantitive signals I am running across all major asset classes. Understanding how quantitive signals connect with qualitative information is fundamental in markets. This report will cover this dynamic in depth.

  • “Week Ahead Strategy”: These reports provide a breakdown of future catalysts that are likely to impact assets and either confirm or falsify macro views. This is where scenario analysis and preparation pay dividends.

  • “Trades”: These reports will be specific trades I am running in connection with the macro research I have conducted.

  • “Brainstorms”: These shorter articles will be broader thoughts connecting things together and a catch-all category for how I am thinking about the world.

  • Discord: There is a connected Discord for Capital Flows. It is a place where I interact directly with Subscribers and work on specific research or projects with you. The goal of the Discord is to function as a space where thoughts can be discussed and shared freely.

  • While free trials are available, all payments for the paid version are final and refunds are not available.

  • If you want to inquire about bespoke research or strategies, please email me at (These spots are limited).

  • If you want to schedule a one-off paid consulting call, please email me at

SpearPoint Equity Alpha Partnership:

Myself and

have a partnership which is a separate publication from the main Capital Flows Macro research. In SpearPoint Equity Alpha, we focus on connecting the top down macro views with broad beta, sector skew and single name trades. is one of the best single name equity traders I know and I would encourage you to follow his work! Check out our intro podcast below:

SpearPoint Equity Alpha
Spearpoint Equity Alpha Launch!
Announcement! Welcome Everyone! This is Capital Flows ! Many traders on both the institutional and retail sides are constantly trying to identify an edge to run asymmetrical trades that generate exceptional returns. The problem for most people is that they are coming up against institutional players who have an R&D budget and manpower that far outweighs individual inv…
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If you have any questions or simply want to introduce yourself, feel free to DM me on Twitter or email me at

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Capital Flows is the space where I share all my Top-Down/Bottom-up macroeconomic research and show how I am tangibly implementing it in financial markets.


Capital Flows is a private research publication on financial markets and the economy