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Lessons From 2023

Macro Report/Insights: Inflation Swaps

Macro Views/Charts Video

The Research HUB: Black Swan Principles

Macro Webinar #2: Sign Up!

The Research HUB: Investment Universe

Country Primers: Mexico

Weekend Video: Macro Views, Intraday Liquidity and Primers

Trade: Inaction and Action

Country Primers: Japan

Weekahead: Hold!

THE Model for taking bets in markets (and life)

The Research HUB: How Crypto Fits Into Macro Flows

Video Of Weekly Views and Q&A

Macro Report/Insights: Inflation

Trade: Addition

Trades: Pulling the Trigger / Long Bonds

Trade: Addition

Trades: Open

Real Estate Update: Office

Macro Insights/Report: AUDJPY Update and CPI

Macro Report/Insights: Macro Aware

Weekahead: FOMC and CPI

Real Estate Report: Homebuilders, REITs and Singlefamily Homes

The Research HUB: CPI Excel Model

Brainstorms: Look at the past

The Research HUB: Flow of Funds

Macro Report/Insights: NFP

Asset Class Report: Bonds

The Research HUB: Seasonality

Quantitative Signals: Equities, Bonds, FX, Metals

Macro Report/Insights: Comprehensive Macro Report

Macro Webinar #1: Recording

Trade: Update

Update: The Best Is Yet To Come

Macro Insights/Report: Is it time to buy TLT?

Trade: Updates

Asset Class Report: Equities

The Research HUB: Perceptions Of Your Enemy

Trade: Update

Quantitative Signals: Equities, Bonds, FX

Capital Flows Macro Webinar #1

The Research HUB: How To Analyze A Complex System

Week Ahead: Equities, Sector Rotation, Bonds

The Research HUB: Macro Learning

Asset Class Report: Equities

Brainstorms: "I can't afford school"

Asset Class Report: Bonds

Brainstorms: Focus, Patience, and Risk Premias

Trade: Update

Brainstorms: FOMC Minutes

The Research HUB: Structural Change In The Economy

Quantitative Signals: Equities, Bonds, FX, Energy

Trade: Open

Week Ahead: Equity Trade Into FOMC Minutes

Macro Insights/Report: AUDJPY Cyclical Extreme

Brainstorms: Systematizing, Oppurtunity and Macro Logic

Asset Class Report: FX

Asset Class Report: Equities

The Research HUB: Alpha and Beta

Discord Launch

Asset Class Report: Bonds

Trade: Bonds/SOFR

Capital Flows Substack Announcement!

Week Ahead: Macro Views and the Yield Curve

The Research HUB: How To Connect Macro Views With Execution

Brainstorms: The Type Of People Attracted To Markets

Weekhead: Things are about to change fast: Equity and Bond Views

Macro Insights/Reports: Momentum Signals

Macro Insights/Report: Financial Markets, Macroeconomics and Geopolitics

Trades: Updates

Trade: SOFR

Trades: Update

Trade: R:R

Trade: Opening

Macro Insights/Report: The BoJ "Surprise"

Trade: Moving into the week

Week Ahead: FOMC is NOT the main event this week

Macro Insights/Report: Where is TLT going?

Trade: Update

Trade: Opening

Macro Insights/Report: Comprehensive Macro Report

Brainstorms: Trust Isn't Evenly Distributed Throughout Society

Brainstorms: Timeless Principles Expressed In Quantitative Metrics

Week Ahead: Macro Set Up / Geopolitical Risk Premia

Trade: Closing Gold Trade (For Now)

Trade: Update on Trade and Signals

The Research HUB: How To Manage Risk - A Primer

The Research HUB: Why Nations Fail

Macro Report/Insights: Geopolitical Volatility Is BACK!

Review and Survey

Macro Report/Insights: Long Or Short Stocks?

Brainstorms: FX, Bonds, BRICS, Geopolitics and S&P500 Earnings

Trade: Opening

The Research HUB: Stages Of The Economic Cycle

Week Ahead: Views on Bonds and Equities

The Research Hub: Quarter End Capital Flows

Brainstorms: Thoughts On The Degree Of Reflexivity In Regimes

Macro Insights/Reports: Nothing has changed

Macro Report/Insights: Top Down/Bottom Up Conversation

Brainstorms: A Seat At The Table

Trade: Update

Macro Report/Insights: Comprehensive Macro Report

Week Ahead: Why is volatility so low?

Trades: Update

Research Synthesis / Direction Of Capital Flows Substack

Week Ahead Strategy: CPI and FOMC Prep

Trades: FED

Brainstorm: Learning About Economics

The Research HUB: How does economic data get priced into the market?

Macro Report/Insights: Steady

Macro Report/Insights: Macro Video

Macro Report/Insights: Macro Views

The Research HUB: Intraday Trading Primer

Trading: Closing

Podcast Interview

Trade: Opening Trade

Macro Report/Insights: Twitter Spaces - Market Views

Trade: R:R

Macro Report/Insights: Bond Levels

Macro Report/Insights: Comprehensive Macro Report

The Research Hub: What Is TRUE Diversification?

Trades: Update On Correlations

The Research Hub: Risk On / Risk Off Regimes

Brainstorms: A Thesis Accounting For All Varaibles

Week Ahead Strategy: Interesting Thoughts Heading Into The Week

Brainstorm: Simple and Intuitive

The Research HUB: FX Primer, Pt 5

The Research HUB: FX Primer, Pt 4

The Research HUB: FX Primer, Pt 3

The Research HUB: FX Primer, Pt 2

The Research HUB: FX Primer, Pt 1

Brainstorm: Learning Well

Macro Report/Insights: Bonds, The Yen and Growth

Twitter Spaces On Friday

Brainstorm: Bond Price Action

Macro Report/Insights: Comprehensive Macro Report

Trade: Closing

Brainstorm: FOMC Thoughts and Market Ideas

Trade: Opening

Macro Report/Insights: Charts Edition

Brainstorm: I don’t know math ?

The Research Hub: Man vs Machine / Market Views

Macro Report/Insights: FX and Bonds Flows

Trades: Set Up

The Research HUB: Learning In The Information Age

Macro Report/Insights: FX

The Research HUB: Unlimited Upside and Adaptive Risk Management

Macro Report/Insights: Maintain and Adaptive Mindset

Macro Report/Insights: San Diego and CPI

Macro Report/Insights: GIP Path Dependencies

Macro Report/Insights: Risk Reward of Bonds moving into CPI

Brainstorm: Inflation

Weekahead: People are focused on the wrong thing

Research HUB: Thinking in probabilities

Macro Report/Insights: Bonds and SPX

Trades: Update

Research HUB: Infinite Complexity, Chaos and the S&P500

Brainstorms: Simplifying

Brainstorms: Trading Central Banks

Brainstorms: The persistence of absurdity

Macro Report/Insights: Pure Alpha

Macro Report/Insights: FX, Rates, S&P500 and Bitcoin

Trades: Update and Signals

Trade: FX

The Research HUB: Options Market

Week Ahead Strategy: The next move

Brainstorm: Inflection Points and Peak Performance

Macro Report/Insights: FOMC Day

Brainstorms: FOMC Thoughts

Trades: Review and Update

Trade: Closing Trade

Macro Report/Insights: Positioning

Brainstorms: Have a playbook and be exceptional

Brainstorms: FX Threads and OPEX

Macro Report/Insights: FOMC, Rates and FX

Trades: Additional Signals Pt2

Trades: Additional Signals

The Research HUB: The Bond Market

Trade: Opening New Trade

Brainstorms: End of Week Thoughts

Macro Report/Insights: Market Update

Macro Report/Insights: Positioning and Levels

The Research HUB: Trading Gamma Squeezes

Brainstorms: Volatility, Academic Papers, AI Stocks

Macro Report/Insights: Japan, Bonds, FX and Real Rates

Macro Report/Insights: What Is Happening With Bonds?

Trades: Closing Bond Trade

Synthesis Of ALL The Research + Special Announcement

Trades: Long Bonds

Trades: Long The Dollar / Short The Euro - CLOSING TRADE

Macro Report/Insights: MACRO REPORT

The Research HUB: Amazing Resource

Macro Report/Insights: Flow Signals

The Research HUB: AQR

Brainstorms: Nonlinear Learning

The Research HUB: Ken Griffin Interview

Brainstorm: Let's take a step back

Macro Report/Insights: Credit and Duration

Trades: Long the Dollar / Short the Euro

Week Ahead Strategy: CPI and BoE

The Research HUB: Regime Shifts

Macro Report/Insights: Liquidity, Gold and BTC

Brainstorms: Regional Banks

Trades: Long the Dollar / Short the Euro

The Research HUB: Lessons From Argentina

Checklist For a Trade

The Story, 0DTE Research, FOMC


Time Lags and Decision Making

The Preponderence of Evidence

Open SPX Short

Earnings And The Week Ahead

Equities View/Charts


Inflation and Wages

Weekend Research

Cover Short and Waiting For Oppurtunity

Information Broker/Alpha Generation

Replay the Day

Short Equities

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Strategy Development and Risk Management (Guest Writer!)

Macro Update, Educational Tweet, Art(?)

Information Age, Thinking Preemptively and Market Update

Positioning and Microstructure

Model for Markets

Economic Data

Twitter Thread

Country Analysis

Active Management - The Only Life Raft Left?

Research Drop + Framework

Innovating: The Dollar and Global Financial System

Direction of the Substack and Macro Outlook

Asset-Liability Mismatch

Banking "Crisis"

Recession? Credit Risk?

Short Equities, Macro Outlook, FED Rate Hikes

Distribution Of Knowledge And Secrets In The Industry

Big Picture Inflation? CPI Tomorrow

Shorting Equities

Top Down/Bottom Up, FED, BMR

How does macro impact real estate and small businesses?

Monetary Policy, Money, and The BIG Picture

Macro Report

How To Think About Markets, Trading, and Wealth Management